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Our Summer Camps Build Up

Every Skill set In Your Child

Our Summer Camps Help Students Make Memories For A Lifetime

The summer months can be tough on some students  lacking of structure and excitement. Our Summer Camps serve students of all ages and offering exciting games, a supportive staff, and a great group of new friends.


Come join us and treat your child to the experience of a lifetime! 




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Kids Running

If you are looking for something different than day care come and see us.

Our commitment to parents and their children is to provide a safe environment where students can have fun, build character, develop friendship and have fond memories for life.


Our program offers a fun week for your children by allowing them to see how they can develop individually in the martial arts. We consider it a great privilege to be a part of it.

Our Summer Camps Fill Up Fast! Sign Up Today!

At United Family Taekwondo, we don't just focus on the physical skills of martial arts training or the fun and excitement of games and activities.Instead, we work hard to help students develop a well-rounded skill set with challenges and structured opportunities for growth. Students of all ages can join us for the best Summer Camps in Suwanee and walk away with:

  • Boosted social skills

  • Incredible self-confidence

  • Lifelong friendships

  • Habits of physical activity


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